The Great Gatsby: Why Daisy Secretly Isn’t An Airhead

The first of hopefully many more video blog updates. This one is focused on Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby.

**WARNING: I slipped, and there is the use of one curse word in this video. I apologize.**



June 24, 2013 · 3:29 am

2 responses to “The Great Gatsby: Why Daisy Secretly Isn’t An Airhead

  1. Maura K

    It has been a while since I re-read Gatsby, but from what I recall, I would agree with your assessment of Daisy. Far from an air-head, but I wouldn’t call her intelligent. Rather she was “street-smart” in the way a girl of her times had to be in order to survive and survive well; that is, marry into money and position in society, and keep yourself there. She knew how to attract men, amuse them, how to “read” the people around her, all the skills needed to maintain her position. So she’s calculating and people-smart but not necessarily intelligent.

    • I suppose I should clarify my definition of intelligence in this (forgive me, this was an impromptu video and my excitement carried me away). Daisy is far from intelligent in the typical books-and-IQ definition. As you said, and I agree, she is street smart. Her intelligence is rooted in her survival and maintenance of her social status. This rant was mostly in response to the overwhelming commenting on Daisy’s character I’ve seen on Tumblr calling her boring, vapid, and air-headed. While I can’t argue against boring as that’s subjective, I felt the need to defend her character as a complex one. There’s more below Daisy’s surface than people are giving her credit for. As a person, I despise her. She’s manipulative, self-absorbed, and one-half of a pair of disgusting people. But simple she is not.

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