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Crawling from the depths of inactivity

Hello my fellow bloggers, readers, and literary enthusiasts,

I’ve spent the past month staring at this blog with a waning ability and limited time to do anything with it while simultaneously feeling a pull from my gut that mimicked nostalgia. I really, truly loved reading and reviewing books in this blog and hearing feedback from others about what I wrote. At heart I am a reader and a writer, and I love that about myself. Along the way, however, I lost the fun from it because I focused too much on gaining followers through sponsored book reviews rather than why I truly loved what I was doing. I lost the heart of Bray and Books.

In light of this realization, I have decided that it is time to start writing here again. It’s going to be for me, for fun, and get back to the heart of what made Bray and Books so fun for me. I’m going to write about books I enjoy reading in my leisure time, the politics of books, and my own personal writing process as I embark once again on the NaNoWriMo journey as a first year ML.

I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me. I’ve loved speaking with each and every one of you.


And now, I rest.



September 28, 2014 · 11:25 am

The Official Bray and Books relaunch!

Hello my fellow bibliophiles! It’s been a while since I’ve updated, and for that I do apologize. To make up for it, I’m doing a Bray and Books relaunch starting March 1st! It’s going to include some pretty awesome tweaks!

-Movie Monday! Every Monday I’m going to focus on books with movie adaptations, getting movie adaptations, or SHOULD get movie adaptations.


-New reviews every Tuesday!


-Wednesday wrap-up! The last Wednesday of every month I’m going to update with a wrap-up in the month of literature!


-Throwback Thursday! A trip down nostalgia avenue for a look at some of our favorite classics and books from my past.


-Feminist Friday! A look at our favorite books through a feminist lens.


I’m very excited. Furthermore, if you guys like the images I use for rating books, you should send some love to Todd Backus! He’s a fantastic person for all of your graphic design needs, and he’s a good friend of mine to boot!

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February 5, 2014 · 11:57 pm

Sunday’s Vlog

Hi guys! So this Sunday, Amanda (from Amanda’s Nose In a Book) and I are going to do another Vlog together, and we want you to pick the topic! From spoilers to shipping to discussing a specific book, we’re looking for ideas from you. So comment here or tweet us (my twitter stuff is in the sidebar!) what you want our next topic to be! Who knows? We may just ask you to be in it with us!

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June 27, 2013 · 4:43 pm

The Book Feels With Tracy and Amanda

The Book Feels With Tracy and Amanda.


Check out the video blog I did with Amanda from Amanda’s Nose in a Book! It’s all about book feels and book hangovers!

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June 24, 2013 · 3:40 am